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Art Director based in Miami, FL. Pac is an 80's kid who lives in a world which evokes an overriding sense of imagination made up of robots and flying tattooed animals who rock. Same place where comic books and urban art meets video games. His inspirations cross the spectrum from reality to imaginary with a colorful flair.

Born in Barranquilla, Colombia. Grew up surrounded by 80's pop culture at the time thanks to the family business being linked to movies and video games. That time was crucial in developing and inspiring the love for the visual arts. And it all runs in the family. The art gene really is a thing over here!

Earned the nickname "Swiss Army Knife Designer" by being able to provide high level work on different areas like art direction, graphic design, illustration, digital painting, animation, video editing, logo design, storyboarding, UI  and social media design among other things.

A hard working, highly qualified and skilled professional. Successful at providing high levels of client satisfaction and offering design solutions when needed. Great team player with desire and initiative to learn and adapt to any working environment.

Some of the previous clients that I've had the pleasure of working with.

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